This game is pretty tight I really liked it

User Rating: 10 | Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Yuujou Tag Battle 2 PS2
other than the fact that you start off with all the spells for all the mamodo.....this game is tight I haven't really unlocked everything but so far this game is tight the thing that I also liked is how fast I unlocked Zeno.....I won't tell you how though until I finish all of Zeno's story. the graphics are really cool and the sound is too I reccomend this game fan or not. The gameplay is easy to learn. The ultimate attacks look cool Zatch=Bou Zakeruga and Zeno=Zeo Zakeruga this game is tight get it...I recommend it.Like i said this game rocks oh and heres a lttle tip if you wanna get zeno fast.......go to the back of the zatch bell instruction booklet.