This is a boring you shouldent even rent it.

User Rating: 1 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom GC
I was watching the Yu-gi-oh series one day and desided i wanted to play the game... i have like no money so all i have is a gamecube and a psp. So since i dident want to have to go out and buy a whole friggen deck i decided, Hey, why dont i go rent a yu-gi-oh video game. And i did, since it was labled Yu-gi-oh i thaught for sure it was gunna be having a deck of cards and deuling some other guy... was i ever wrong, i got home put it in the gc and this pretty cool opening scene came up were there was some pretty decent graphic monsters. I choose New Game and i have sit and read this friggin hour long text scene! Then i finally get to the game then this stupid map pops up i go to battle expenting at least when i get to some guy ill deul him, but no, i have to play this stupid poke'mon rip off fight! oh, ya and when i go on GameSpot to look at other peoples reveiws and this guy gave it a 10 i mean c'mon this game is a peice of crap! then i read his reveiw and he says anyone who thinks this game is crap isent a true gamer. I say "Screw you, and realize this game is mundane peice of crap!" my advice dont even rent this game.