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    My Old Friends Still Here?

    I want to start back on with Gamespot Blogs but is there still anyone here?

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    @justin1946394: well u are truly wrong

  • DS-man rated Fallout 4 a score of 8.
  • DS-man rated Dark Souls III a score of 9.
  • DS-man rated Battlefield 1 (Early Enlister Deluxe Edition) a score of 8.
  • DS-man rated Titanfall 2 (Deluxe Collector's Edition) a score of 9.
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    User Rating 9
    i cant get enough of this game

    lets be straight here, Destiny is far from a perfect game but that doesn't mean its bad. destiny has been getting a lot of slack since its release and people don't understand how the game works.Desti...

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    Anyone playing pokemon Link Battle for the 3DS? Who else think its amazing
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    User Rating 7
    Its A Blast, Just Pure Fun!

    Iv played Plants Vs Zombies for many years now on the App game and it was a blast. Its pure fun and im enjoyinf it so far after 12 hours of playing (Accurate at the time of this review)But what makes ...

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    Hello Guys. Miss Me?

    Its been awhile, I lost all my details on how to get onto my profile and had to create a new account. Then I found my booklet that had all my details in. and now im back :D so keep an eye out guys, i'...