If you bought this game, I'm sorry man.

User Rating: 1 | Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom GC
I have two words for you about this game... IT SUCKS. Hopefully you were lucky enough to have a buyer on eBay. If not, throw it out. The game is about taking over some land. You could get it done in at least five minutes, if the characters were not so damn slow. I beat the game in the fastest possible time, forty minutes. Yep, the characters are that slow. I also found the fact of three on three annoying.having level ups is also something that has been a piece of crap for a long time. The only reason i rated it 1.0 is because it does not go any lower than that. If you think your life is bad, or you want a reason to commit suicide, try playing this game. It gives you those feelings times one hundred. My advice return it for a full refund, pay a guy to take it, throw it out or pray that someone is crazy enough to buy it from eBay.