A charming and unique 2D platformer that is a perfect sequel to the original Yoshi's Island.

User Rating: 9 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
This game, much like the original Yoshi's Island, has truly charming graphics and sound, as well as superb gameplay. Basically the same graphics from SMW2, except much more polished than the original. They still look like they were all drawn with crayons, though more detail has been added to the characters and levels. The sound is very light-hearted and breezy, it really suits the atmosphere. Add that to the graphics, and the game will definitely grow on you. The gameplay has also been virtually unchanged from it's prequel (that's not a bad thing though). You still run, jump, shoot eggs, and swallow enemies. This time around, instead of carrying just baby Mario, you can also carry baby Peach, baby Donkey Kong, baby Wario, and even baby Bowser. Each of these babies has their own special ability; Wario has a coin magnet, Bowser spews fireballs, etc. Though you can beat the game relatively easily, completing it 100% will keep you busy for a much longer time. The level selection is 50 strong and almost every one is so entertaining you'll want to come back and play it over again. There are the main platforming levels, but there are also 3 secret levels per world which are unlocked by completing the stages 100%. The one downer in this game is no multiplayer, but this still doesn't take away from the game's fun factor. In short, it improves on almost every aspect of the original. With it's charming graphics, music, perfected gameplay formula, controls, and length, Yoshi's Island DS is one of the best platformers in a long time.