Yoshi's Island is good but very dissapointing if you have played the original.

User Rating: 6.5 | Yoshi's Island DS DS
When this game was first announced I was very stoked, Yoshi's Island for the Super NIntendo and later for the GBA is a platforming classic. One of the first 2d platforms where collecting became an obsession.

Scroll now to today with Yoshi's Island DS for the Nintendo DS. This time around Baby Mario and the Yoshi's are back but they have brought more babies to the table. This time you get to play as baby princess peach, donkey kong, bowser and wario. The story is fairly simple, you must rescue baby luigi.

The gameplay is the classic style that you remember, the control scheme hasn't changed at all and Yoshi and his friends move just as good as always, with the new characters it adds a little more depth to the game, every baby has his own special ability, peach can float longer, dk can climb and charge, bowser can shoot fire and wario has a great magnet, and of course mario is fast fast and super fast, you can also hover with yoshi the longest with mario on your back.

The sound is where this game is ions behind the original. The first Yoshi's Island had tunes that were stuck in your head for years, I still hum them to this day, the music in the ds version is dull and lacking any pizazz from the original.

The graphics also suprisingly don't look as good as the original, the cartoony style is still there but the black outlines are gone from the DS version, while it looks cleaner it just doesn't have that shaded look the GBA version had.

The level design is teriffic if you have never played the original, for fans of the original alot of the levels will feel familiar, almost tooo familiar. Still it is nice to play all new levels with all new babies.

This is a solid 2D platformer but lacking from the original version, the game is very easy to beat just playing through but adds hours of gameplay if you want to collect everything, unlike the original you never have the desire to find everything. All in all if you love 2d platformers you will love this game but fans of the original may be very dissapointed like I was.