XCOM: Enemy Unknown: The game which is worth every penny.

User Rating: 9 | XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC

I am fascinated by this game no longer was. I played UFO series. .... Afterlight, Aftershock, After... whatever.... and can say that this one (XCOM:E U) it's not peace of cake, it's just the icing of the cake! I don't know how long is that game, but it's not quite easy, even at normal difficulty. Аnd that's not refusing me to play it again and again from the begin. Really reminds me to the old classic from 1994 UFO: Enemy Unknown. I was skeptical at first, perhaps caused by the weaker UFO series of this century, but after playing it 3 hours, I realize that everything is so cool and well-executed - the soldier cover system, the enemies (thin men are my favorite), soldier skills, even they panic sometimes in battle, variable battle maps (USA woods are my favorite), damaging environment... etc.I really like the cut scenes.

The annoying things can be: enemies on upper level, for example on the roof of the crashed spaceship.

not every time is easy to place a grenade, because of the rotating or scaling map view.