Well, this game is one of the worst RTS game that I've never played before! It's boring and non-strategic!

User Rating: 5 | The Entente: World War I Battlefields PC
The first impression of the game is that there is a large a mount of armies in each battle and its graphic can make me experience the fierce of the First World War. But, after few hours playing, it really let me down!
Firstly, this game is too easy to play and win. You don't have to think of any strategies, you just need a lot of soldiers, as much artillery and tanks as you can and bombers. Then, you just throw all of those to the battle. The larger your army is, the easier your victory is.
Secondly, your soldiers are too weak. You spend thirty minutes clicking your mouse to have one thousand soldiers and after one minute being bombed, you lost all of them! The artillery, tank and bombers are too strong for soldiers. So I usually use heavy tanks with artillery than those weak units but I still win! However, buildings are too solid that it takes even heavy artillery a lot of time to destroy them.
The graphic and sound are quite good at that time but they can't make me feel better about the game.
In general, I advice everyone who's seeking a good RTS game not to try it. It's just a waste of time and your money!