though it may not be historically acurate, its fun to defend, from the massing hordes.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Entente: World War I Battlefields PC
I started playing this today, and it is extremley fun, if you like big battles, this game is for you. I played on medium, the fight lasted less than an hour and all together over 3000 units were lost. I could have carried on the battle only I ran out of food from the massive attacks.

The enemy really has no strategy behind their madness. They will keep sending lines of men to try and kill you and most likely they will sucede. To enjoy this game to the fullest you have to defend your base, I found this more of like a tower defense game truthfully. Build pillboxs, watchtowers, tanks, howitzers, bombers, fighters, and they cant take your base. Unfortunatley enough for me they used morters to soften down my defenses, effectivley killing me, it was a smart thing that the AI did, and I had no way to counter attack them.

It is a decent game, if you can get it for around 5 dollars, get it. Its well worth it, especially since its a ww1 game.