I brought it only because sexy Rocky's in it.

User Rating: 9.5 | WWF SmackDown! (Platinum) PS
Okay so I stole that game from my sister. She wasn’t taking care of it and she didn’t have a memory card so it was useless to her. Anyway I stole it because of the Rock. He made me do it with his fine ass! Whoo! Damn he’s good looking. The game glitches like a mother, the gameplay is cool, graphics are nice, and the sound is like whatever. I don’t care for the game itself. I did it for the Rock, my people’s champ. I use him all the time when I play. I even created him a female girlfriend wrestler. Of course she looks like me. They do everything together. Aw… one day I will marry them, BUT cant do that now. Yea. Lost the game. But I aint buying andduer one. But I know for sure its in my mom’s basement … somewhere in the obis. Overall I give it an A.