User Rating: 7.5 | WWF SmackDown! (Platinum) PS
This is the very first good WWE,WCW,ECW,and whatever else wrestling game published.But ,when I said very good,I meant just acceptable.It has ok extras,nice gameplay,and the graphics are good by PS1's standards but by today's,about a 4.5.
The actuall fighting is'nt that horrible,and when 2-4 player,it is really quite fun.The sound is a bit repetitive,though.The funness of the game goes far,but only to the potential of playstation 1.
This game debuts a new(im not sure if they debut,but I think so...)thing:create a wrestler.You can make them whatever you want ,and name the moves,and everything.(I have Big Brute:7' 0",350pbs,a monster)
Though I have written this review in the days when this game is by all means obseulete,it is still temporary fun.