When the television world is taken over by Vincent K. McMahon, pro-wrestling is replaced with a demolition derby.

User Rating: 9 | WWE Crush Hour GC
The gameplay is similar to Twisted Metal, with elements specific to each pay-per-view being deriven from their television counterparts (Survivor Series is a tag-team environment while Royal Rumble is an elimination affair, in which you must pick up, and maintain, one of three crowns before they do. If they get the crown first, you have a limited time before the new entrants and elimination of non-crowned participants to destroy someone who does have a crown)

The professional wrestlers (or, the more modern term, and more appropriate word in this particular circumstance, sports entertainers) are also well-deriven from their television likenesses. Rob Van Dam or one of the Hardyz drive cars with better acceleration, while Rikishi or The Big Show's cars have more resilience, better defense and attack.

Mastering the controls doesn't take long; and after discovering the Hand Brake (L in the default controller settings) the game becomes a lot easier.

Inbetween Season levels are humorous cutscenes that depict the superstars in their other new screen jobs (since in this game Vince has taken over television- he does, after all, own the rights to the actual "Pay-Per-View" name)

Replay value consists of unlocking superstars by completing Season mode as various readily available ones, and there is a two-player mode in which, after having completed (thus unlocking) the PPVs in Season mode, includes several different gameplay modes.

Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment or the Twisted Metal Series will enjoy this game.

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