its ok when you acually play it

User Rating: 5 | WWE Crush Hour GC
There are 32 of what the back of the box dubs, “SuperCars” available. Only 23 are available when you pop in Crush Hour for the first time, the other nine need to be unlocked in season play. While the developers did a great job at offering a staggering amount of vehicles available that is superior than most other car-combat games out there, they did a poor job at matching up the type of vehicles with the WWE personalities. A few of them work well such as The Big Show driving a big rig, and The Undertaker cruising in his motorcycle, but after that it appears the developers gave up and just gave each superstar a random vehicle loaded with some decals relating to each star to make up for it.

The developers picked such a well-working control set up that anybody should be able to learn it in minutes. All the regular staples you expect from this genre are readily available. Besides your standard machine gun, there is a range of special weapon pick ups available such as grenade launchers and mines. Each vehicle also has its own special attack that mostly results in instant kills. They occur after a meter fills up during combat while you deal out and take damage, once it is topped off the special attack can be unleashed.

The WWE license is applied in many facets of Crush Hour. From weapon names (The Atomic Drop) to the many modes of game play. When I first gazed at the plethora of modes of play available, I was astonished. However, most of these modes are just slight alterations of other events held in different arenas, let alone do these modes live up to their name. The “RAW” and “Smackdown” modes is just four player free for alls. Tag Team play is poorly executed by having to drive over tag beacons to play as your partner. Some of the modes do incorporate some of the aspects of their WWE counterparts, such as the Cage match actually taking place in a cage, and the Ironman mode where whoever gets the most frags in a given time limit wins. There are some other modes that are plain out blasphemous, such as the Hardcore mode where players battle over the Hardcore title belt, whoever holds onto it for a specific amount of time without dying, wins. Some of these modes are no fun whatsoever. However, some are actually quite fun to play, and present a worthy challenge, one of them is called “Running the Gauntlet” where you have to collect a certain amount of stars to win, but you lose points by being blown up by your foes.

The main way to play CH is Season mode. It is an 18-week course where I was practically competing in a new mode of play each and every week. This is where you unlock all the arenas and SuperCars. There are some charming moments as you chug along during the season where there will be CG sequences of the superstar you’re playing as in commercials and other skits. For example, I was playing as Kane and midway through my season a “Cooking with Kane” advertisement occurred where Kane blew himself up after cooking dynamite. While this stuff obviously isn’t top notch comedy, they are nice enough breaks from game play. I was disappointed I couldn’t access them after their initial viewing, it would’ve been fun to access these any time and show them to my buddies such as the cinemas in Twisted Metal: Black.