Three Words, Best, game, EVER!

User Rating: 10 | Worms 2 PC
This game is truly amazing!!!
Great graphics!
Great multiplayer!
Great value!
Great tilt! Great everything!!!!
So seriously you just have to buy this game and if you don't want to well to bad!
The humor in this game is as you use an old grandma as a weapon and she walks around and the goes BOOM!!!!!!!!!!
And of course the holy hand grenade that you throw and it goes "hallelujah" and the explodes in an fiery explosion!!!!!!
This game is even great fun for teens and adults!!!!
So if you hate worms 2 fine with you because this game rules all!!!!!!
There is nothing bad at all with this game it's all good!!!!
Everyone should love this game!!!!!
Everything is good about it and nothing bad!!!!!
This is the greatest, most best, most fantastic game of all time!!!!!!!
I would give it a google!!!!!
And that is the end of my review hope you liked it!!!!!