I mean that WORMS 2 is the best game of the many worms-games. READ WHY HERE!!!

User Rating: 9.3 | Worms 2 PC
First of all: IT IS WORMS!!! Not a 3d worm but a original 2d worm!!!
The second reason is that you can customize you weapon to the ultimate! A little prod can be transformed into a hard push! A minigun can destroy a whole world!

Another cool thing is that this game got funny, short, worms-movies! Like the one with the two worms that compete about how got the best weapon! It ends with one of the worms use a giant hammer! LOL!

I think that worms 2 was the game that made Team 17 think forward! But unfortunately too long. Now it's just 3d! And I don't like that!
I like the (almost) original worms! I think WORMS 2 IS A SUPERB GAME!!!