Replace your silly elves, magic,etc with tanks. Now put them on a map with only 1 rule, kill the enemy.

User Rating: 8.5 | World of Tanks PC

You start with one of the Tier 1 tanks from one of 3 nations (USA, RUSSIA and GERMANY). From there you level up and earn money to get better tanks by raining destruction on beautiful landscape..

There are 5 "classes" of tanks (light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, tank destroyers and SPG (arty)) each with different play style you have to adapt to. These tanks are gained by researching tech tree of your choosing and go from Tier 1 to Tier 10 (or T IX in case of Tank Destroyers and medium tanks and T VII for SPGs). You will have to kill and die alot before you get better tanks ;).
On general light tanks are scouts, medium tanks are used for flaking and supporting heavy tanks, heavy tanks lead the attacks, tank destroyers are snipers and SPG is your long range arty. These can also change with your tank nationality. For example Russians have more firepower, Germans are more accurate while Americans are somewhere in between...but again it depends on tank.

Core gameplay:
15 vs 15 CTF team battle on different maps. Name of the game is strategy and teamwork, even Chuck Norris can not win battle alone. Knowing the map is half a victory, from knowing elevation of terrain (relevant to gun aiming and hiding from enemy fire) to hiding spots as either defense or hiding from enemy SPG or just avoiding detection while you rush for enemy SPG.
After each round you gain money and EXP according to your performance. This is gained by scouting, damaging enemy players and base capture points. You can also gain medals for special performances.
You will usually have to face higher tier tanks then your own, so that can lead to frustration.
There are no party per se, you can create platoon with 2 people or 3 with premium account.

Game modes:
Random: Your bread and butter game play, teams will be randomly generated with more or less successful balance (usually less). Formula for max tier in your match is your tier+3. This can range from WIN team to FAIL team.
Training: Here you can play with other players as you wish at any map. There is no death penalty and no gains.
Tank Company: Here players can create teams as they choose and fight each other. Teams are limited by points and each tank has different point value, so creating perfect team takes good planning.
Clan Wars: This combines browser based turn strategy game with WOT. Clans attack and defend territories. Territories give clans advantages.

Amazing detail on tanks. With strong computer this game can offer amazing GFX, thou players with older computers will have to run this game at low settings and get around 40 FPS or less.

It sounds like a tank. From guns to engines...its a tank. Powerful, big and loud and to me it sounds accurate to real tank.

There are some music tracks, but not many.

Your tank has some narrator who keeps telling you what you hit, how you hit, miss, what you got damaged and so on. By default it is in English, however you can download Russian or German voices if you wish.

F2P model:
With your real life money you can buy premium account (+50% exp and money at end of battle), premium tanks, crew members, transfer free exp and so on. On same note the most popular premium tank is Löwe, their drivers are not regarded as skilled players (and to be honest they usually aren't). Premium account for 1 month is 10€ and Löwe for around 45€.

Yes, to get better tanks you have to fight alot of battles, but hey you don't get good stuff for free anywhere. Expect 2000 battles or more before you get to IX.

You like action games? Tanks? Want to shoot things with your big bad tank and run over fences and trough buildings? Want to snipe big tanks from bushes half a map away? Want to have god's finger on the whole map? Enjoy team games? You should be downloading it already.