Slow paced FPS multiplayer

User Rating: 9 | World of Tanks PC
This is by far the best "PAY TO PLAY" multiplayer shooter. I know, the game is basically advertized as free to download and play, but if you really wanna enjoy it, you must pay big time. by big time, i meant that you will end up spending 30-50 dollars every month, if you wanna upgrade and stay competetive in the game.

at first, when you start playing, you will have a few days figuring what is what, how to operate your tanks, purchase/upgrade your equipment, how and where to shoot your enemy... everything is straight forward.

not sure if the game is adictive at first, but it might get borring if you dont get to 4-5 level tanks quick. when you buy your 4+ tank, you get to fight bigger and stronger tanks.... thats where it gets interesting. you actually start seeing the difference between fast machines qith weak armor and guns, heavy tanks that are slow but have good armor and guns, tank destroyers that have great guns but bad side armor nad in most cases no rotating turret.....and etc.
this is where the game shines.... you can play to your liking.
by choosing quick tanks, you must play as a scout and use your speed. playing in any other way wont keep you alive for long. with small tanks, you cannot go head to head with anything. few hits and you are gone.
same with the heavy tanks... at first they look huge with good guns that can take the enemy in one shot, and heavy armor that might look impossible to penetrate... but then you will see that they are slow moving machines, and with slow reloading cannons. by staying to long with out cover, you are dead.
there are medium tanks... well, they have medium everything.... ok speed, ok armor, and guns.
tank destroyer are hard to play at first, but they are somewhat like snipers. great guns, but virtually no side and rear armor.
and there is artilery. best guns with slow reload, but no armor what so ever.

i love this game, because there are no one man shows. 9 out of 10 battle, you will die if trying to much. in this game you must use your teamates to attack or deffend.

anyways, every one who likes any types of shooters, tactical games or what ever, must try this game. if you end up liking the game, it will be your most expensive game of the year... but also, one of the best.