Its an awesome game !!!! Great graphics, Great realism and lots of fun even if tanks isnt your favorite theme !!!!

User Rating: 10 | World of Tanks PC
I have been playing this game for almost two years and spent lots of hours on it. There were times of extreme fun and times of extreme frustration. BUT guys you have to play it a lot to get the hang of it. Every tank has its own playstyle and it should be driven differently. I was ignorant of the game mechanisms for a long time and that was creating frustrations on me about getting spotted and hits out of nowhere. Now i have studied a bit the game mechanisms (join a clan if you want to it really helps on giving you help and tips for the game) i am a much better player and can confront every enemy i find effectively even if i fail or succeed .

Every battle lasts 15 minutes and there are 3 modes standart battle that every team has to capture the enemy team flag, encounter that is a capture the flag like mode with tanks and assault that puts one team on defence and the other on the attack. You can also team up with up to two friend on non premium and even more on premium accounts and join battles together. If you want to train with friends there is also a training mode.

Tanks are split into 5 categories. Light tanks that generally excell at speed and maneuverability but have the weakest cannons and durability. Medium tanks that have moderate armor and durability and larger cannons than light ones but sacrifice some of their mobility. Heavy tanks are the big bad boys that are slow and have the most powerful armors and meanest guns. Tank Destroyers are usually non turreted vehicles with low durability but in later stages good armor and have some of the meanest guns out there. SPG's are the far snipers of the game and have the lowest durability and amor but they have also the biggest guns, they also use a top down system when firing in long range.

As far as graphics are concerned i find them a beautiful addition way much better than you expect from a free game ( dont expect crysis 2 graphics) but they are beautiful,bright and most important clear with beautiful effects. And having clear graphics is important since the game it self depends on spotting enemy tanks and being able to shoot them without confusion.I cant really comment about the game music because i always have it disabled as it doesnt offer me anything than frustration :P. The sound of tanks , tank firing and such, though, is awesome and makes you wanna blow up more of your enemies .. HEHEHE

Its important that in this FREE game even donators dont get a big advantage against you in battle since premium tanks are in the low end of their tier so they dont get any great advantage over same tier tanks(except a lower tier 2 german premium i think). So this does not affect the gameplay and the fun factor a lot since there are much more powerful tanks that are not premium even on the same tier.They get a good advantage in money making and xp gaining but this is not something you lose from. Also there are premium ammo to use but after version 8.0 they became purchasable with in game money so with a high cost you can use them yourself.

So guys dont even listen to people saying this game sucks by having played less than 100 hours cause they dont even know what the game is cant learn this game from tier 3 tanks and complain about it. As a good tank game it needs you to give some of your time on and off battles to learn the mechanisms and play according to them to achieve supermacy. Believe me they are pretty much realistic!!