A great game, check your local bargain bin

User Rating: 7.5 | WCW Mayhem N64
This game is pure, plain fun. There are more than 60 wrestlers within the game, but some are hidden and only to be unlocked as I beat the harder levels of the 'Quest for the Best' mode. There are a number of different wrestling venues including Monday Night Nitro, and up to 12 Pay-Per-View settings. An error on their part is the game's collision detection. There were many times when I was beating down on some punk wrestler when my punches and kicks would start missing from pointblank range. It normally wouldn't even be a problem because the action moves so fast, but the fact that it happens so frequently makes it a serous distraction. The commentary was good for it's time, better than the WWF games. The gameplay is fun, and i also like how you can go backstage, which you can't in the current WWE SVR games. This was better than the WWF games of that time, so try to find this game.