Like drinking cough syrup as a child

User Rating: 2 | WCW Mayhem N64
cmon people how could you even get into this gome it was like paper mario with wrestler slow and clunky the worst entrance music of any wrestling game ever and let me tell you the n64 blew away the playstation in wrestling games bar none in my opion and wcw had a superb gamewith wcw nwo revenge but this title lives up to it's name MAYHEM cause thats what it feel like playing it such a sour taste to this game why would it ever get the green light i mean the chracter list is cool there are alot of people to choose from but who cares when you cant even throw a punch without it taking seven hundred years let alone whip out a finisher so if it lates and your feeling old school like playing a little 64 and love wrestling and you stumnle upon mayhem cause in your childhood you were a stupid kid who bought that game like myself turn on the the tv and watch old roseanne reruns cause it is so much more enjoyable