Probably the worst game I have ever played...

User Rating: 2 | WCW Mayhem N64
This game features wrestlers from the wrestling federation WCW (World Championship Wrestling) in an all out fight (like every other wrestling game).

Now...I was very excited for this game when it came out. What I got was an experience I will never forget. Let's see here:

The good:

*Many wrestlers
*Authentic intro songs
*You can make you own dream wrestler
*Better graphics than the predecessors

The horrible:

*You are, for some reason, able to spin on turnbuckles as if you were on a merry-go-round
*The wrestlers all apparently have very heavy hands, as they always dangling down like they were injected with morphine
*The commentating is ridiculously bad, and will make you want to mute the TV (but it is fun to mock it)
*Psychic powers - a.k.a. the ability to do a move to someone who is on the other side of the ring (but in the defense of the game, doing a spinebuster on someone when not actually touching them is unique)
*You can only strike a person with a weapon 3 times in a row then they automatically counter no matter what
*Odd moans and sound effects
*Ropes don't move a .lot of times...even when thrown into them.

My final opinion: If you want a good it for $2.00...but you can also run out and get something from the McDonalds dollar menu and it will probably satisfy you much more. Let this game sit, or break it with a sledgehammer and set the world free from the misery it brings.