Unlike normal stratagey games where you have about 20 unit choice this game has about 2000. that makes it great.

User Rating: 9.9 | Warzone 2100 PC
with 5 types of propultion(Wheals, Half Tracks, Tracks, Hovercraft, VTOLs) 14 bodys, and dozens and dozens of weapons warzone obtained a lvl of balance that most other stratagy games could not. most stratagy games have about 20 unit choices, which is bad, but the problem is that with that few units it is hard to get balance. you will usualy end up with one unit that is better then the rest, and this makes the game boaring; working with just one unit. but in warzone you have to diversify to servive. you can't have an army that consists of just one unit type. there will be somthing that it is weak agaist. also unlike other games (exept Total Annihilation) may have artilary, but they will shoot one screen; maybe 2. but in warzone you have artilary that is shooting all the way acrost the map and then some. the ability to fight wars useing artiliry alone is an enjoyable one. but also your artilary need sensors to tell it where to fire, and units to protect them and those sensors. what ever you staratagy you need sensors, units, and artilary. and with thousands of units(4200ish) you have plenty to choose from. as i have said there are dozens upon dozens of weapons, but there is also upgrades for thos weapons, and sensors, and a bunch of other things. all this adds up. the tech tree printed out for Warzone 2100 useing standard 1 inch picturse is as almost as big as a twin bed. there is just so much to dig your teeth in to, the game doesn't become boaring fast.

the first section of the campains can be kinda boaring at times, you are just out classed at the most annoying times. by the end, you out class your enemy by a long shot. The second section is pure fun, you get used to fighting with artilery and defending you forward bases from VTOL strikes, and keeping you units in good health. you will need every bit of skill you can get your grimmy little hands on. The last is pure chalange as you enter an area where you are out gunned, and out match in every way shape and form. your only hope to get through is your wits. So you had better be pretty darn smart if you want to get through these campains.

Graphics aren't that great. but come on; you get to a point where graphics doesn't improve game play. we are at that point. The are cheap enough to make the game run smooth yet detailed enough to provide a plesurable game play. All in all it is probably the greatest RTS game up to Supreme Commander and TotalA. It has its home amongest the legends.