A strategy that focuses on combat and designing your own units.

User Rating: 7.2 | Warzone 2100 PC
Warzone 2100, as they say, puts resource gathering and base building in the back seat, though one could argue they were left at home entirely. Resource management is, simply put, finding an oil site and building a derrick on it. That's it. No carriers or what have you to transport it, nothing. Base building offers a little more than that, though it mostly is defensive buildings. You'll have basic buildings such as your factory that produces units, and a research facility where you can research new parts and defensive buildings and upgrades. There are ALOT of things to research, and you'll find yourself researching various technologies just about the entire game. In order to gain technologies to research you must find them by destroying enemy bases. It's simple yet addicting. You'll be rushing to destroy every base you can just to see what you can research next. But why would you even want to find these, you ask? Because most technologies you can research include new parts to expand your designing options. While the box says you can design over 2000 units, and while it's technically true, it will feel like a whole lot less. This is because a different unit can just be a change in wheels or something small like that, that has no significant change over another. Even so, there is still alot to design that will definintly keep you addicted. After talking about designing units for so long, I suppose I should actually comment on designing. When you select to design a new unit, you're presented with an opague model of a tank and a selection of wheels to choose from. Now, of course, this all depends on how many wheels you have researched. That goes for all other parts as well. Next you'll decide on what chasis to use. And finally on what you actually want the unit to do. You can make it a fighter unit by selecting a gun (which ranges from mini guns to rocket launchers. There are ALOT of options). Or, you can make it a service by selecting one of the services, such as a radar to make a scanning unit. Creating units is one thing, but seeing them in action is an entirely differet. Thankfully, the game focuses on action so you'll be seeing the effects of your units often. Most missions will just require you to destroy bases, or hold off for reinforcements, or build up a base while waves of enemies come at you, etc... etc... Amazingly, the combat never really gets boring, and is always fun to get into skirmishes on the way to an objective. Every gun has tracers so you can see the all the different guns. Large battles can be quite fun to watch because of that. If you're looking for an addictive strategy game, Warzone 2100 is definintly that. Being able to design your own units and use them in battle often while keep you playing for hours!