Better then DW 6 even with major slow downs.

User Rating: 7 | Warriors Orochi 2 X360
Better then DW 6 even with major slow downs.


Graphic :::

Nothing new nothing amazing -
Some charcters got some awsome looking moves tho +
Some nice effects tho +
Other then that, Not much to say :P -

Sound :::

Think many dont like the techno music theme Warriors Oroochi have, but i like it:) A nice and diffrent pace compared to their standard rock.
They got the boom factor +. (That ur attack sounds as powerfull as it looks)
Voice acting alright i ges. -+

Gameplay :::

Compared to DW6 its the holy grail +
Made some slight improvement on their class attack power(RF) +
Made some slight Unimprovment :P on certain class attacks(RF) - Like Kotaru Fuma f.e
New characters are awsome, The mystic`s can realy punch hard and be hillarious to play :) +
90 Characters! +
5 Story modes. Wei, wu, shu, Sw, Orochi. +
Slow down sucks:( -
Actualy created better Vs elements/game modes. +
You can also do a combined attack now with all 3 characters. Well short said, it kicks ass!.+
You choose 3 characters to play, if 1 gets struck u can now send in 1 of the 2 for a counter attack. Wich is good and very much needed, sins they kicked it up a notch(diffyculty). +

PS: Fire = EVIL (If u playd the game u know what i mean). If not, fire.... baaad... Drain.. HP... Incredible.... Fast... (yes it was a Wei Yan impersonation)


Its a nice change however how simple it might be. +
Funny concept anyway merging the 2 worlds +
Unrealistic much, but when has any Warriors game been realistic?
Very up and down on the dialouge, like 1 sentence is good then the sentence that follows is plain dumb then smart again. Dosent seem logical or realistic how they talk(never been in any warriors game tho). In anycase, not well written -

/ Dont realy understand the major slow downs in the game. It seems to be caused by the NR of ppl whos on screen, but that dosent quite explain it either. If u finish the game and u are in this 10 sec after finished free mode thingy, evrything return to normal speed. Cause often at end its little enemys left, but then again. Why does it slow down anyway if the boss is alive f.e wich is just 1 guy, and if he dies the game speed returns to normal. U can kill like 40 ppl on ur screen without it seems to make any diffrence to the game speed lag. So that would point to it isent the NR of ppl that is the prob. Also on certain maps their is no slow down(no game speed lag), Dosent even matter how many enemies it is on ur screen, it runs fairly smooth. So what is it?, graphic?. Im not sure, but it seems to be bigger slow downs on bigger maps. So is the prob actualy that their loading distance for enemies is increased significant while u ur self can not se any further. So on bigger maps it keeps beeing overloaded by the amass of enemies at screen, wich u dont necesseary see(that even might be on the other side of the map) that causes the slow down?. Wich again shouldent be loaded. And then again, anyone of the creator of this game hasent even playd the game?. Cause any1 that plays the game will notice the slow downs. So what did they do?, just gave up on the prob?, couldent figure it out?, dident notice?.

In any case, a prob that shouldent be their at all.
They shoulda have fixed this prob(unless they already did by some Version update), but in anycase they should priority this game more then DW 6 tbh, cause its a lot better.