A very good game for a fan of the series, but if you didn't like the previous 'dynasty warrior' games series...

User Rating: 9.5 | Warriors Orochi 2 X360
this game isn't likely to change your mind. There's a lot of value for money here, though, if you like levelling characters and if you do this game is probably for you. There's a total of 90 playable characters, all of which you can cap to level 99 and also upgradable weapons. While it is possible to kill most enemies using only the 'square' button, on the higher difficulties most of the time this will just get you killed. There are some combos, variations of 'triangle' and 'square', and some special attacks with the b and rb buttons - while these might seem limited combos, with 90 characters to choose from, who cares!

The plot is what you'd probably expect from a Dynasty Warriors/Samauri Warriors game, but if you switch your mind off and let it all go over your head it's OK. Being able to upgrade your weapons presents a surprising hook to the game as you can customise your weapons in many different ways, finding yourself experimenting to see what happens. Also, if you're a fan of the series it is very satisfying to be able to team together with anyone you like from the range of 90 characters. Unlike the other Dynasty Warrior games, you won't be able to level up three characters and be able to go to the hardest difficulty and complete the game right away.

There is a mode in the game called 'dream mode' which is very good but some of the criteria for unlocking some of the 'dream' levels is fairly ridiculous! Also, the achievements on the game are fairly soul destroying. There's no online play but you can go co-operative with a friend. There is also a 'fighting' mode which allows you to fight three-on-three in a small arena. This may appeal to some, but strikes me as being a bit pointless because it is not fleshed out and play is just like the normal game (just set in an arena). The graphics in the game are much better then the other dynasty warriors games - whilst you might not be able to tell the difference right away, they have made the game look prettier - though still looking like it might belong to Dynasty Warriors five. Whilst having made an awful lot of Dynasty/Samuari Warrior games, as always there aren't many innovations, but there's enough new features for those who like the series. And with that, I'll bring the review to a close and I'll say that if you didn't like the other Dynasty warrior games stay far away from this one - but if you're a fan or someone who is willing to try something new this gamer might be for you. My Rating: 8.5 / 10