Extremely good game worth the price.

User Rating: 10 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
This is an extremely fun game for the Wii. It is one of the best games I have. When I played it in a a family Christmas party everyone in the room played it at least once. Some adults liked it because of all the levels it had and also because of how easy it was to play a mini game without all the complicated buttons. This game has over 200 micro games which last about 5-10 seconds each and also boss levels that can take as long as one minute. The whole game is really fast paced but takes a long time to complete everything. The hardest part is unlocking all the micro games in a certain character's stage. Warioware Smooth Moves also comes with separate mini games like can shooting and block stacking. It even includes multiplayer mini games that are played with one remote and sometimes a nun-chuck like Dart Throwing or bungee jumpers.