Inventive and fun use of Wiimote, charming looks and funny-replayable-levels with great pacing helped by catchy musics.

User Rating: 9 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII

Gameplay -------------- ( 9 )

Graphics --------------- ( 9 )

Sound ------------------- ( 8 )

Value -------------------- ( 8 )


> Inventive and fun use of the Wii remote;
> Funny and replayable levels with fast pacing and random micro-games;
> The game looks fantastic, with crazy and diverse visual styles and colorful and charming cartoon animations;
> The music matches the pacing of the game very well;
> Clever use of the wiimote speaker and rumble for certain sounds and actions;
> More than 200 micro-games with great variety;
> Both, the cartoon animations and the micro-games, have a good humor, making you smile while playing;
> It's fun to watch other people playing the game and makes you want to try it, even if you are a non-gamer;
> Good multiplayer levels with a smart use of the Mii Channel;
> Great bonus levels, that deliver a welcome change of pace from the story mode;
> No loading times.

> The story mode should have more levels, even in a game of this type, or should have been sold for only 40$;
> The multiplayer portion of the game feels unfinished and doesn't add a lot of lasting appeal to the game.

Smooth Moves is the first game to show the range of motions that can be accomplished with the wiimote. It's true that not everyone will like this game. But if you loved the first WarioWare for the GBA (the only WarioWare I played before), you will love Smooth Moves. It maintains the same structure but, instead making you just press a button at the right time, it makes you do various motions and/or aim with the wiimote at the right time. If you want a game to play for short periods of time or a mini/micro-game collection, this is the best wii game on both those fronts. It's also the most fun wii-game to watch-other-people-playing or to-be-watched-by-other-people-while-playing, for both gamers and non-gamers.