It sort of grows on you. It is short, but fun. After it ends you can play it all day.

User Rating: 9 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
Wario Ware comes to Wii, packed with w's. Mmmhhhmmm, Wario brings the party to the 'mote as many mini-games are created. They use absolutely all concepts of the Wii remote into play, inventing some new ones. The animation for many different stories are awesome and funny (unlike someone starting with a sauce and ending with an um). New minigames with multiplayer are a blast! Paddle and paddle or shoot cans to your heart's contempt. The game itself is quite short, but the REAL fun is how many minigames can you survive at the end. The music is great and the graphics are detailed and to the point. This is mainly a game to be played with your friends (hah! I remember the last time [I]/emphasized had a friend!). I'll save you the trouble of leading into more games and get over with this. The game is short, the review is short. Read mah blog for more.