Smooth Moves isn't the best entry in the series, but the game makes great use of the Wii hardware.

User Rating: 8.5 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
The 4th installment in the Warioware series (5 if you include the Gamecube Version of MicroGame$) is here on the Wii, and the wacky fast paced mini-game action is still a lot of fun.

Wario stumbles upon the Wii-Mote, which is an ancient articfact in this game, while exploring the inside of a temple, and in Indiana Jones fashion he escapes with the Wii-mote which is called the form baton in this game. After getting a taste of what the game is like by completing the first 10 three second mini games your screen will be on a city map of Diamond City with different characters who all have their own unique minigames to play.

As you progress through the game you will hold the form baton in different ways. One form is called the mohawk, where you must hold the baton over your head with the sensor facing the screen. The elephant form has you using the wii-mote as an extra nose or trunk. The dumbell form has you hold the wii-mote like a dumbell to complete the minigame. You can try and be a kill joy by ignoring the way you should hold the form baton, but it actually makes the mini games very difficult and uninteresting to play.

Each character has about 25-30 something mini games or more, including a boss mini game. The boss mini games are a little longer than every other minigame. 9-Volt's boss stage is a emulation from a stage in the Star Fox classic for the Super Nintendo where. You must hold the wii-mote horizontally and become Fox McCloud himself. The game makes great use of the wii-mote.

There is also a two player mode. Don't be sad if you haven't bought Wii-Play yet to get that extra Wii-mote. All you need is one remote to play Warioware's multiplayer. Each player takes turns. The first person to fail at completing their mini-game loses. It's not fantastic fun admittedly, but having it tacked on doesn't hurt at all. Warioware also has a decent amount of unlockables. The handheld versions are known for having a lot of useless unlockables, but the unlockables on Smooth Moves are rewarding, though there probably aren't enough of them.

Warioware is a 2D game but it's still very good looking. Afterall the Wii is a 6th generation console. We can expect at least 2D games to look good and crisp right? Yes, we can. The game is packed with lots of colors and nicely done animated cutscenes. The music in Smooth Moves is very wacky and entertaining. A lot of the sound effects sound similar to their handheld brothers, but are very clean. For some reason this Warioware didn't have me coming back for as much as the others did.

The campaign is very short. You can complete it in one sitting, and once you've beaten and unlocked every mini-game it's just not as much fun the next few times around. Smooth Moves probably isn't the best entry in the series, but the game makes great use of the Wii hardware and is still a lot of fun.