first a play it and i get bored but then i played company of heroes and then every thing changed when i played again

User Rating: 9.1 | Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War PC
yeap is true this game is to fast and to rare at the same time when i played it i sayed this thing is like ´´ fusion starcraft & warcraft & star wars eaw & command & conquer `` then one day i saw company of heroes and i get crazy i played until every enemy were dead and now that im waiting opossing fronts i decided to search rts games and now is when the review comes

gameplay: aweosome is really fast easy and with a good, style of gameplay not seen from the other rts because in the other rts you have to gather resources and that make you be only in one place gathering and gathering resources all the time , the other rts they event dont have resources but in this style you hve to go and give your 110% and destroy your enemies is that why you feel the game get better and more faster than others
graphics: they are just right not the best i have seen but they are good
sound : ´´rocks`` . xplosions, voice acting all

play company if you like company of heroes then youre going to love warhammer