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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Cheats For PC

  1. Activating FPS counter

    Bring down the console (by default Control-Shift-Tilde) and type:


    this will display a graph in the top right corner of the screen, with the current frame-per-second.

    Contributed by: elloehpipati 

  2. More Codes (game version 1.1)

    Enter them in the console. Works in both Single and Multiplay.

    Effect Effect
    terrlod_dist() Change the distance at which models lose detail
    cls Clear console window
    render_togglewireframe() Colored wireframes
    getsimrate() Display current game speed
    dynamicdecal_dump() Dump dynamic decal stats to file
    staticdecal_dump() Dump static decal stats to file
    cheat_power( n ) Give yourself "n" units of power
    cheat_requisition( n ) Give yourself "n" units of requisition
    taskbar_hide Hide taskbar
    cheat_killself Kill yourself
    quit Quit to Windows
    render_togglerainbow() Rainbow colors
    ingame_select_ui_toggle Remove selection boxes
    cheat_revealall Reveal all FOW
    render_togglexray() See-through white textures
    setsimrate() Set game speed
    again taskbar_show Show taskbar
    decal_toggle() Toggle banners and badges
    fog_toggle() Toggle brown dust
    terrlod_toggle() Toggle model detail drop
    ingame_stats_mouseover_toggle Toggle mouse-over stat bars
    detail_toggle() Toggle shaders
    shadow_toggle Toggle shadows
    ingame_stats_toggle Toggle stat bars
    simvis_fx_refresh Update screen while console is up

    Contributed by: th3l3fty, BLATSPLAT 

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade Cheats For PC

  1. Skirmish mode cheats

    In Skirmish mode, click the "Enable Cheats" in the config box next to the how many players you want in. For the codes to work, you need to press enter while in a skirmish game and when you need parenthesis for a cheat, you need to add them.

    Effect Effect
    cls clears console window
    cheat_killself Commit suicide
    cheat_power (number) Number of power
    cheat_requisition (number) Number of requisition
    quit Quit to windows
    cheat_revealall Reveals map
    shadow_toggle Toggle's shadows

    Contributed by: christiantfo 

  2. Campaign mode cheats

    Right click on the game's shortcut,click properties and then enter the command line " -dev " (without quotes) at the "Target" text box. Play the game,and then choose Campaign. in campaign mode,press ctrl + shift + ~ and enter the cheats.

    Effect Effect
    sd_instant_build = 0 Disable instant build
    sd_instant_build = 1 Enable Instant build
    FOW_RevealAll Reveal Map
    fog_toggle Toggle fog On or Off

    Contributed by: biandohamka 

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