A RTS game that is still fun to play even if you have beaten the campaign a million times.

User Rating: 10 | Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness PC
Warcraft II tides of darkness was the 2nd warcraft II thus the name. This one came after Warcraft orc & human, which wasn't a very good game or not as good as intended. In this installment you get new units (if you played orc and human) like the archer/axe thrower and Ogre/knight.

RTS stands for Real Time Strategy. Games like age of empire, starcraft, dawn of war are games that are Real Time Strategy. You can choose which race you want to do first, I think it is suggested that you do the orc campaign first then doing the human campaign second.

The story is that the orc and human have had constant battles every day or have frequent battles with each other. When you play as the race the first 4 levels you are trying to muster your forces and take control of the area. Then you are entrusted to more perilous tasks. This game takes about 1 hour to get use to building and moving your forces and attacking and what not. The overall time you will take depends on good you are with RTS games. You might take at least 100 hours in completing this game since there about 16 levels per race.

overall this game is very good and is worth every dollar you spend on this. And is still worth playing even though this game is well over a decade old.