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PS5 Shortage Is Over, According To PlayStation | GameSpot News

So you want a PS5, huh? Well, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan delivered some fantastic news at CES 2023.

The PS5 launched in November 2020 and it quickly became very difficult to find; I’m still completely shocked I managed to find one at Walmart that December. This lack of availability was due in part to the global semiconductor shortage as well as other supply chain and logistics issues. For what it's worth, Microsoft had Xbox shortage issues, too, as did Nintendo with the Switch to an extent. No one was safe

Sony also confirmed at CES that the PS5 has now reached 30 million units sold globally. December 2022 was the PS5's biggest month of all time for sales, even surpassing the console's launch month.

So now that there are more PS5s available, does that mean we’ll see a new model soon? Well, there continue to be rumors of a slimmer PS5 model, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. I’m just terrified of a possible pro model; my TV stand is not equipped to handle how big that thing might be.

However, when it comes to new hardware, Sony did announce Project Leonardo, a customizable accessibility controller kit for the PS5.

Project Leonardo features a circular base and a kit of swappable buttons and joysticks that can be fully customized to the player's specific needs. No official release information, including price or release date, were mentioned in the blog or on stage at CES, only that the controller is still "currently in development."

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