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Overwatch 2 Queue Times and Server Issues, Explained | GameSpot News

Everything going on with Overwatch 2's messy launch, 2025's Call of Duty might have been revealed, as well as the next Need for Speed.

We break down Overwatch 2’s problematic launch, the next, next Call of Duty leaks, as does the imminent release of yet another Need for Speed game. All this on today’s GameSpot News.

Overwatch 2 servers are now live, but players have been having a very hard time accessing them. Since servers went live on October 4, there have been enormous queues to get in, and oftentimes players still cannot access the game despite having 0 players ahead of them.

Perhaps more notably, Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra announced that Overwatch 2 was suffering from a "mass DDoS" attack shortly after launch, which he says is causing "a lot of drop/connection issues."

In a subsequent, late-night update from game director Aaron Keller, it was revealed that a second DDoS was underway, but that Blizzard was "steadily making progress on server issues and stability." He added, "We're all hands on deck and will continue to work throughout the night. Thank you for your patience - we'll share more info as it becomes available."

Blizzard had previously acknowledged an "unexpected server error" that some players are receiving. Additionally, the studio has confirmed issues with players' unlocks, including skins, not appearing, as well as Watchpoint pack buyers not having access to it. There's no word on when these issues will be resolved, but the BlizzardCS Twitter account is providing updates as they come in, and a known issues list has been compiled on the Overwatch forums.

At the time of recording, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete answers on how to circumvent the loading screen, or fix account migration issues. Keep an eye on GameSpot dot com, where we’ll be posting updates to this story as they happen.

2025 is not only the year you’ll get to play Overwatch 2, but also the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2 according to a new leak. Reportedly developed by Sledgehammer Games, the Activision studio that led the charge on 2021’s Call of Duty Vanguard, reliable Call of Duty leaker Ralph Valve says that the studio is hoping to abandon the World War II setting of their recent work and return to the sci-fi setting that they left back in the mid-2010's.

By contrast, 2014's Advanced Warfare had a more near-future approach to things, with players donning mech-like "exoskeletons" that gave them superhuman abilities, like double-jumps. It featured now-disgraced actor Kevin Spacey, who was considered a major coup for the series at the time. Today, it's probably best-known as the origin of the infamous "press F to pay respects" meme.

Ralph Valve's report suggests that Sledgehammer was originally planning a follow-up to the WWII-themed Vanguard, but that entry failed to sell well enough to justify that.

However, another reliable leaker CharlieIntel claims that they have heard “that there is no Advanced Warfare 2 currently in development at Sledgehammer Games, despite the rumors today.”

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