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Is Far Cry 2 Better Than Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 5 share some similarities, but differ hugely in other areas. The question is: which one is better? New episodes of Versus every Wednesday!

As you would expect, Far Cry 5 and Far Cry 2 share a bunch of similarities. They're both open-world shooters with a focus on emergent gameplay, exploration, and player choice. However, they also diverge in a number of ways.

At times, Far Cry 5 contains a much lighter tone than Far Cry games gone by, with goofy sidekicks and tongue-in-cheek quests. It brings the series to America for the first time, with a brighter color palette than Far Cry 2, which was famously a much more drab and punishing game to play.

Where Far Cry 5 opts to give you huge guns and powerful explosives from the get-go, Far Cry 2 forces you to work hard for its best weapons. The 2008 game also includes the controversial gun jamming feature, which annoyed some players at the time. It was things like the jamming and easily damaged vehicles that caused Far Cry 2 to receive a somewhat mixed reception upon its release, but as time has progressed the game has built something of a cult following. The more recent game in the series continues to tone down some of Far Cry's more antagonistic elements in favor of a more welcoming ride--though that doesn't mean it's easy, of course.

To decide which of the two games is best, we decided to sit down and argue about it. Watch the video above to watch old-school Far Cry fan Oscar Dayus get annoyed with Far Cry 5 lover Tamoor Hussain. The discussion begins with randomly selected topics, and the pair argue in support of their respective choices of game. Alongside the serious analysis of each title, there's also some fun-poking and jokes at each other's expense. Be sure to watch till the end to see the quick-fire round, which gets a little goofy.

Last week we put PS4 exclusives against Xbox One exclusives, and Oscar came out on top for the second week in a row while fighting for Sony's lineup of games. Make sure to make your voice heard this week by voting for who you think won the debate on YouTube or by commenting down below. Check back next week for another episode of Versus; new episodes drop every Wednesday at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST / 11 PM AET on and YouTube.

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