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Gotham Knights Gameplay Teased Amid 4 Player Speculation | GameSpot News

Gotham Knights PSN page mentions 4-player support, Nightwing and Red Hood info is teased, Xbox Network experiences a big server outage and PUBG Mobile and Baby Shark collaboration revealed.

When Gotham Knights was first announced, one of the key features revealed for the game was co-op gameplay, with a partner player using either Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, or Robin. However an updated listing on the PlayStation store caused some speculation as to whether or not the game would be expanding that co-op to 4 players instead. Well in a statement PCGamesN via Twitter, Warner Bros Games brand manager Devon Newberry confirmed Gotham Knights will “have two-player campaign co-op as announced previously.

Over the weekend, the Xbox Network struggled with some server issues that made some digital games completely unplayable, even offline. Parris Lilly, who has worked with Xbox in the past, said he hopes Microsoft can be more transparent in the future about its digital rights management (DRM) policy and offer new solutions to avoid these types of headaches for players in the future.

Baby Shark, the popular and catchy YouTube song you've involuntarily heard, is teaming up with PUBG Mobile to deliver exclusive themed unlockable items. This is the second collaboration following last year’s, which gave players a Baby Shark emote and allowed them to unlock permanent Baby Shark outfits by sharing the in-game emote in creative ways.

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