An excellent boxing game.

User Rating: 8.3 | Hajime no Ippo: Victorious Boxers PS2
The boxers move fluidly around the ring and I enjoyed the fact that no "health bars' are shown i.e. you never know when the next punch is going to put you on the canvas! This makes for a more strategic approach to your boxing. And its all in the boxing because the "stories" of the various protagonists are badly translated and, sometimes hard to follow, the music is nothing to write home about either- but who cares, as long as they are nimble on their feet!! Which they are. Graphics are pretty decent and your punches feel like they are connecting, which is immensely satisfying. The game also has an excellent replay feature which allows you to reply most of the fight from a multitude of angles including first person! Victorious boxing has now been superseded by Fight Night but still its a great buy-especially if you snap it up at a bargain price.