Great boxing game based on a great anime series!

User Rating: 8.3 | Hajime no Ippo: Victorious Boxers PS2
After playing Victorious Boxers over the past week, I can see the depth of the gameplay. The way you can move your boxer around the ring while bobbing and weaving with your analog stick is very intuitive; plus you have your jabs, straights, hooks and uppercut at your disposal to use in a variety of combinations. The A.I. is good too... your computer opponents dodge your punches with realism, forcing you to use your wits to outbox them.

However, Victorious Boxers only has two playing modes: Story Mode (which has you play as the main character, Ippo Makonouchi, in a series of matches that closely follows the story in the anime and manga) and Versus mode (you and another player choose your boxers to fight against each other or a computer controlled boxer). It's a fun yet suprisingly deep boxing game that's somewhere between Punch Out! and Fight Night. If you can find it. check it out.