Vectorman is a game beyond your wildest dreams.

User Rating: 10 | Vectorman GEN
Remember when I said in my Sonic Gems Collection review Vectorman sucked? I take it back, along with Vectorman 2. Vectorman is an unbelivable experience in a action game. It is the best action game of the year.

Game-play: 10/10

The game simply has you controlling Vectorman, and he needs your help to save Earth from the evil Orbots, and their leader, Warhead. The game-play is incredible, and very addictive.

Graphics: 10/10

Graphically, there's no way you'll find a mess. The game uses pre-rendered 3D models for graphics. The graphics are one of the smoothest ever, by reason.

Sound: 10/10

Great Music!! The music is simply amazing. The audio rocks out worlds.

Camera and Control: 10/10

The tilt, I have nothing to say, except it rocks.

Value: 10/10

Go get Vectorman, save Earth in the year of 2049.

Average Score: 10/10

Vectorman is an amazing game with cool game-play and a terrific story. Overall, this is a Genesis masterpiece you'll be playing for the ages, even in 2049. Vectorman is a game beyond your wildest dreams.