Multiplayer... yay?? Singleplayer storymode... BOOOO!

User Rating: 3 | Unreal Tournament III PS3
I Bought this game because someone told me that it wasnt just for multiplayers but aso had a single player story mode.
I was seriouly disappointed how weakly they tried to integrate the obvious multiplayer map and even the multiplayer game play (red vs blue) into a story mode. Trying to tie in some kind of story why you should kill the same four computer AI players over and over eventually gaining a total score of ___ kills, just doesnt work or have any believability.
Im not bashing the game completely because im sure those multiplayer people who love to play 'capture the flag' or "the first to kill you or your team 30 times wins" thing may be awesome. But buyer beware, if you, like me want to play solo, through a story (or at least somewhat believable story) ooh and not have the very same enemies you just killed spawning over and over out of know where than you may want to skip over this game. I wish I was properly warned. I will definitely recommend... no 'suggest' it to my friends who like the whole multiplayer-set open map- thing.