Great mutiplayer

User Rating: 10 | Unreal Tournament III PS3
I'll admit I'm a bit dissilusioned by this Fall's gaming prospects. I've liked pretty much most of what I played, from Bioshock and Halo 3, to Warhawk and Assassin's Creed, these were all great games. Most have lived up to the hype, (Call of Duty 4, Skate.) but a few haven't. (Yeah I'm looking at you Drake's Fortune. And Assassin's Creed.... should have been the greatest game of all time. Just didn't get there. Almost. but nope.)

But I always kept Unreal Tournament 3 on my radar. First and foremost I'm a huge Gears of War fan. And this company makes outstanding games. Great looking games. And best of all badass games. So after trading in Drake's Fortune, (You won't be missed you clumsy bastard...) and reserving UT3 I waited for a review, or some piece of information that this computer port was actually as sweet as it looked in screenshots. And then I picked it up wedensday of this week....

First impressions: I stupidly played the single player campaign, and thought, "Gawdamnit, out of the frying pan into the fire." (Meaning trading Drake's in for a game this poor wasn't much of a deal.) I didn't like the weapons, hated the bot-battle campaign. Let's just say I didn't get it, and I quickly assumed I'd been had. So then I popped in Call of Duty 4 to assuage some of the grief of getting yet another piss-poor PS3 game. But all the while I'm thinking "This is the third game in a series of successful games, and I didn't really play the online or see the vehicles yet..." So I put it in, punched into a multi-player battle, (Capture the Flag with Vehicles.) and haven't stopped playing Unreal 3 since that moment 48 hours ago.

There's so much I love about this title it would be hard to capture in a single review, and please remember that this is my FIRST Unreal Tournament experience, I'm a newbie right, and maybe these guys have been doing this great stuff all along. But first and foremost what these guys have done is re-create the "classic" video game experience. And by that I mean they've created a video game seemingly shallow at first glance, (Like Tekken 3, or Twisted Metal 2, and Black.) that has an unprecedented level of depth and skill as any first person shooter before it. What I love about this game is it feels, looks, and plays like the Mortal Kombat of first person shooters, and on a primal level entertains just like that. But there's so much to this game, the weapons, the vehicles, the amazing levels, (Easily the best looking, best designed multi-player levels I've ever seen in any game before this. And yes Halo 3, you don't come close.) they all have this insane amount of detail and depth to them. A rocket launcher isn't just a one button pony in this game. Vehicles don't just have mounted weapons on them in this game. Some have blades that cut-down enemies like lawn mowers. Some can be launched, kamikaze-style, into bases, people, vehicles, and detonated like rockets...

What started out as a seemingly "ok" game has now become a video game that I know I can get better at, where I don't know everything there is to know immediately about the nooks and crannies of the game. And where I'm constantly in AWE of what I'm seeing, what I'm doing. what I'm playing. Unreal Tournament 3 delivers the entire package, but the fantastic part about it is you have to earn it. Players, serious players, are rewarded for their effort. The more you learn, the better you get.

The last thing I wanted to mention is the graphics and online game modes. There's a ton here for everybody, from one-on-one duels, to standard death match. From team deathmatch to a new game called warfare. Warfare's like chess, it won't make sense the first couple hours you're playing it. But here's another are where UT3 excels. A standard capture and hold the base game turns into something much, much greater. It's the most strategic war game I think I've played in a multi-player arena. And graphically... Seriously you need to see these levels, see these massive War of the World's machines crawling across them firing at soldiers surfing across the world on hoverboards... This game is pretty much amazing in the design and and graphics department. Everything looks awesome.

PS3 owners don't miss this game. Seriously. This belongs on the shelf right next to all those classic Tekken fighting games, the Twisted Metal games, (The good ones.) and any video game that took hard work and talent to master.