Slick, Brutal and the way Unreal Tournament should be!

User Rating: 10 | Unreal Tournament III PC
Graphically, I think this game shines!
Beautiful maps from small urban area's to spaceships. Its such a good graphical experience, characters are another beautiful factor to this game!.

Sound wise, HUGE, the macho sound of men and even woman killing you is impeccable. The music in the background is also fitting to the style of game this is. Top notch on the music to be fair.

No word of a lie on playing this game, I have not come across any issues with this game. Reliability is key for me as I hate playing a game and not being able to play to its full potential. Unreal Tournament III definitely does not disappoint me. Expecting those intense graphics to mess your computer up? Nah

Spec is quite high but if you went into a store and looked at the game you would think. Wow that has got to be on a GTX 250 graphics card and a quad-core processor. Its that good.

But you don't need all that to play it.

Coming to game play now, I tell you what its EPIC, an absolute monster of a game experience. Vehicles, monstrous maps, so many ways of going about your game.

The characters do fit well with the designated skill level. Another feature I did like is using the jackhammer, if you fragged someone blood would splash the screen.

In fact I went and put the Unreal Tournament GOTY edition back on my computer to compare. For me GOTY just beats it, purely because its the original and you can't beat it. Never in a million years.

So all in all being my first review and not a very good one.

I highly recommend this to any UT player with a strong 10/10 rating.