Another great fast FPS shooter from the series. A great improvement in Graphics, Vehicles and more.

User Rating: 9.5 | Unreal Tournament III PC
The first thing you get from this game it's its impressive graphic quality, which is a great improvement from UT2004. Even if you don't care about that, you always notice when you are playing. You'll get higher detail of whats happening far away, and the game has a completely redone water effect. Gamers with good graphic cards will be highly compensated.

The next thing you'll be aware is the sound. Although there's not such a great edge between this one and the other Unreal Tournaments, it always gets you immersed in the game, specially if you have surround sound and a good sound card.

Of course, there were lost many things.
Some modes, like the Bombing Run, Assault or Double Domination, were completely removed, and some were remade, like Onslaught, which seems to be the idea of Warfare.
Also The customization of your character, which was present in UT G.O.T.Y. is not there, although you get a little more customization than UT2004, but with less characters to choose from.
The variety of arenas was also reduced, while keeping the classic maps, like Face. Also as the maps quality was improved, it also makes it harder for the community to create new ones, which keeps the overall quantity low.

UT3 brings in a new mode, which sincerely i think its the funniest in the game, the Vehicle CTF. It seemed that the hardcore players of UT would prefer this mode and the Onslaught, and putting creating a mode with giant map while still being a CTF game was major improvement.

There are not many news around the weapons, But the design was clearly though trough.

Also there were added loads of new vehicles, like the Paladin, the SPMA and almost every Necris Vehicle, and many remade, like the Hellbender and the Scorpion. Vehicles bring a whole new gameplay, and they now seem much more decisive role on the maps.

For those who are new to Unreal Tournament, starting with UT3 is as a good start as any other. You can then check out UT2004 modes, or all the other mods from UT G.O.T.Y..

At the end of the day you will still love this game if you liked the series, even if you are annoyed with some things. Because of the new content i still think this is the best game in the series.
Also the typical warning of the series: The game has an incredibly fast gameplay.