Simply one of the best game to have ever been launched for PC

User Rating: 9.5 | Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD Version) PC
I am writing this review for Unreal Tournament 2004 7 years after the game was launched, and that in the gaming industry and the tech industry as a whole is like 7 life times. But still, after so many years, this game is one of the best FPS game that I have ever played.
The gameplay is exciting, the music is amazing, the arsenal of weapons and vehicles is mind boggling. This game gives you a plethora of options for shredding your enemy to pieces. Right from shock rifle to gun turrets, you will be able to handle them all. The single player mode takes a decent time to complete. And if you are selecting anything but 'novice' difficulty level, that gameplay time is just going to increase. This game has become my stress buster. After a rough day at office I just start UT 2004, select a decent map, add bots, and frag the hell out of them.
I am not going to be biased here and write only good stuff about the game. There were a few things that could have been different. For example, apart from a few selected bots, the rest of them had crappy stats. So it was pretty obvious that no one is going to add them to their roster, so there was no point in making them, apart from being targets for your rockets and flaks they had no role in the game.
Overall UT 2004 is a must for every FPS fan, and also for those who don't like FPS much. This game surely will change their opinion.