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Unreal Tournament 2004 Cheats For PC

  1. Bonus info on Epic

    While playing through the Single Player mode of the game, click on the Details (at the bottom). Now, at the top of the screen, there is a bar with three tabs on it. If you go to the Other Tournament Matches tab, one of the matches will be Epic Games Inc. vs. ____ (ie, Epic vs. The Corrupt). If you right click on Epic Games Inc., a sub menu will pop up with Team details. If you click on that, a small window will pop up with some information on the history of Epic.

    Contributed by: der geist 

  2. Unlocking Secret Xan Loading Screen

    To unlock the secret Xan loading screen, go into you User.ini file in your System folder. Then do a Ctrl+F search to find backgrounds. You should see four lines with the same words except that two lines have the same number, 2. Change the lower one so it reads 1, 2, 3, 4, and not 1, 2, 2, 4.

    Contributed by: Choman 

  3. European Console Key

    For people with the European version of UT2004, push the TAB key to open up the console when playing. The codes are the same as for the American version.

    Contributed by: Rikardos 

  4. Unlocking the secret characters without playing the tournament.

    In your system folder is the user.ini file. Just open it with Notepad or something similar. You'll notice that most of commands are set out like this.
    Text and Variables of that factor

    There is always a gap between the commands. Make a new gap in the command lines and paste this in there.


    Then you'll have all the secret characters to pick on the character select screen. This is good to use if you accidentally ruin your user.ini file and it gets reset.

    Contributed by: Phantom Renegade 6X6 

  5. Gorgeous Gorge Fan

    For Level Developers:

    In Unreal Editor, open up the static mesh package "cf_DE".

    Look for "cf_EasterEgg"

    Click it, and you will see a guy in spandex wearing a t-shirt bearing a picture of Gorge and the words "GORGEOUS GORGE"

    Contributed by: mbresnan 

  6. Various Console Commands

    When playing press ~ and enter the following:

    Effect Effect
    behindview 0 1st person view
    behindview 1 3rd person view
    allammo 999 Ammo For Every Weapon
    addbots # add the numbers of bots specified
    loaded All weapons
    allweapons all weapons(not full ammunition)
    stat audio audio stats
    FOV # changes "Field of View" to specified number (in degrees)
    setname (name) changes player name
    setres WxHxD (example - 800x600x32) Changes resolution to the specified values
    switchteam changes team
    suicide commits suicide
    summon xeffects.redeemerexplosion creates a harmless redeemer explosion
    stat all displays all stats
    enablecheats Enables you to use cheats
    quit exits game entirely
    exit Exits the game entirely
    playersonly freeze time (type again to unfreeze)
    set AdrenalinePickup RespawnTime 5 From now on, any picked-up adrenaline will respawn in 5 seconds
    stat game game statistics
    god Infinite Health
    killbots kills all bots
    skipmatch loses match and loses credits you have
    set SuperShieldPack DrawScale 5.0 Make super shield pick-ups look five times bigger. Replace 5.0 with a reasonable scale. Default is 1 (one). Use values less than 1 to shrink the thing
    changesize # Makes your character bigger or smaller, if in a vehicle, it makes the vehicle bigger or smaller.
    stat net network play statistics
    open (mapname) opens specified map
    playvehiclehorn 1 Plays a funny horn sound, different for each vehicle. Note: You must be in the vehicle when entering this command.
    setgravity # set amount of gravity
    setjumpz # set height of jumps
    setspeed # set speed of gameplay
    stat fps shows "Frames per Second"
    slomo # slow motion
    summon XPickups.HealthPack spawn a health pack (25 health)
    summon XPickups.ShieldPack spawn a shield pack (50 armor)
    summon XPickups.SuperHealthPack spawn a super health pack
    summon XPickups.SuperShieldPack spawn a super shield
    summon XPickups.UDamagePack spawn a udamage
    summon XPickups.MiniHealthPack spawn a vial of health (5 health)
    summon XPickups.AdrenalinePickup spawn an adrenaline
    summon xweapons.redeemerpickup spawns a redeemer
    summon xweapons.assaultriflepickup spawns assault rifle
    summon onslaught.onsavrilpickup spawns AVRiL
    summon xweapons.bioriflepickup spawns bio rifle
    summon xweapons.flakcannonpickup spawns flak cannon
    summon onslaught.onsgrenadepickup spawns Grenade Launcher
    summon xweapons.painterpickup spawns ion painter
    summon xweapons.sniperriflepickup spawns lightning gun
    summon xweapons.linkgunpickup spawns link gun
    summon onslaught.onsminelayerpickup spawns Mine Layer
    summon xweapons.minigunpickup spawns minigun
    summon xweapons.rocketlauncherpickup spawns rocket launcher
    summon xweapons.shieldgunpickup spawns Shield Gun
    summon xweapons.shockriflepickup spawns shock rifle
    summon utclassic.classicsniperriflepickup spawns Sniper Rifle
    summon Onslaught.ONSHoverTank Summon a Goliath
    summon Onslaught.ONSPRV Summon a Hellbender
    summon xweapons.supershockriflepickup summon a instagib shock rifle
    summon OnslaughtFull.ONSMobileAssaultStation Summon a Leviathan Tank
    summon Onslaught.ONSHoverBike Summon a Manta
    summon Onslaught.ONSAttackCraft Summon a Raptor
    summon Onslaught.ONSRV Summon a Scorpion
    summon OnslaughtFull.ONSHoverTank_IonPlasma Summon an Ion Plasma Tank
    summon onslaughtfull.onsbomber summons a dragonfly bomber
    summon skaarjpack.fireskaarj Summons a Fire Skaarj
    summon skaarjpack.fireskaarj Summons a fire skaarj
    summon skaarjpack.gasbag Summons a gasbag
    summon skaarjpack.krall Summons a krall
    summon xeffects.tankvictim summons a mangled body
    summon skaarjpack.manta Summons a manta ( monster )
    summon skaarjpack.skaarj Summons a normal skaarj
    summon skaarjpack.razorfly Summons a razorfly
    summon xweapons.shockprojectile summons a shock ball
    summon SkaarjPack.skaarj summons a skaarj
    summon skaarjpack.skaarjpupae Summons a skaarj pupae
    summon skaarjpack.elitekrall Summons an elite krall
    summon SkaarjPack.iceskaarj summons an ice skaarj
    summon skaarjpack.iceskaarj Summons an ice skaarj
    summon Summons an unequiped human
    summon onslaughtfull.onsautobomberbomb summons one of the bombs dropped by the pheonix bomber when you use the target painter
    summon OnslaughtFull.ONSGenericSD Summons the toilet car
    togglefullscreen switchs between fullscreen and windowed mode
    walk tunrs fly off; you will fall from the sky.
    stat none turn off stats
    ghost Turns off clipping and gravity for the player
    Ampibious Underwater Breathing
    winmatch wins the match your currently playing
    fly You character can fly through the air as though you are in "flyby" mode.
    teleport You will be teleported to the location on your crosshairs.

    Contributed by: kdietz2003, one_gundam_war, Chicken Tortilla, bobfungus, Koshoku, magiwi, Timoteck, Knighty, t2xcross, Darkjackal, Inverness910, mooninomics, Gameorock, olivehehe, KronosCoreMagi, WOODENSTICK, Kcaz64, neopc10 

  7. Ballistic Weapons 2.0 Summon Codes

    Use these summoning codes in the console menu midgame to summon the weapon you typed in. Also, the final code is an overall code for all Ballistic Weapons.

    Effect Effect
    Reloaded All BW2.0 guns, and 999 ammo for all guns, including M900 (M50) grenades
    Summon BallisticV2.FP9Pickup Summon FP9A5 Explosive Device (Laser Tripmine)
    Summon BallisticV2.A42Pickup Summons A42 Skirth Sidearm
    Summon BallisticV2.A73Pickup Summons A73 Skirth Rifle
    Summon BallisticV2.A909Pickup Summons A909 Skirth Blades
    Summon BallisticV2.AM67Pickup Summons AM67 Assault Pistol
    Summon BallisticV2.BX5Pickup Summons BX-5 Landmine
    Summon BallisticV2.D49Pickup Summons D49 Revolver
    Summon BallisticV2.EKS43Pickup Summons EKS43 Katana
    Summon BallisticV2.Fifty9Pickup Summons Fifty-9 Machine Pistol
    Summon BallisticV2.FP7Pickup Summons FP7 Incendiary Grenades
    Summon BallisticV2.G5Pickup Summons G5 RPG Launcher
    Summon BWBPTwoV2.HVCPickup Summons HVC-Mk9 Lightning Gun
    Summon BallisticV2.M290Pickup Summons M290 Double Barreled Shotgun
    Summon BallisticV2.M353Pickup Summons M353 Machinegun
    Summon BallisticV2.M50Pickup Summons M50 Assault Rifle
    Summon BallisticV2.M75Pickup Summons M75-TIC Railgun
    Summon BallisticV2.M763Pickup Summons M763 Shotgun
    Summon BallisticV2.M806Pickup Summons M806A2 Pistol
    Summon BallisticV2.M925Pickup Summons M925 Machinegun
    Summon BWBPOneV2.MRS138Pickup Summons MRS138 Tactical Shotgun
    Summon BallisticV2.MRT6Pickup Summons MRT6 Shotgun Pistol
    Summon BallisticV2.NRP57Pickup Summons NRP57 "Pineapple" Frag Grenade
    Summon BallisticV2.R78Pickup Summons R78A1 Sniper Rifle
    Summon BWBPOneV2.RS8Pickup Summons RS8 10MM Pistol
    Summon BallisticV2.RX22APickup Summons RX22A Flamethrower
    Summon BWBPThreeV2.SRS900Pickup Summons SRS900 Battle Rifle
    Summon BallisticV2.T10Pickup Summons T10 Toxin Gas Grenade
    Summon BallisticV2.X3Pickup Summons X3 Knife
    Summon BallisticV2.XK2Pickup Summons XK2 Submachinegun
    Summon BallisticV2.XMV850Pickup Summons XMV-850 Minigun
    Summon BWBPOneV2.XRS10Pickup Summons XRS-10 Machine Pistol

    Contributed by: OCAdam 

  8. Adrenaline Combos

    When your adrenaline reaches 100, you can put in these codes to gain temporary bonuses:

    Effect Effect
    Right, Right, Right, Right. Camouflage
    Left, Left, Left, Left. Character model shrinks
    Up, Up, Up, Up Faster Movement Speed
    Up, Up, Down, Down Faster Rate of Fire
    Right, Right, Left, Left Invisibility
    Down, Down, Down, Down Regeneration

    Contributed by: Dany Doring, MVWilliams 

  9. Unlock all three secret characters without cheating

    To unlock all three secret characters without cheating, you need to beat the game on three different difficulty settings. It doesn't matter which difficulty they are as long as they are different, because if you beat the game twice on the same difficulty setting, you don't get anything.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game on any difficulty setting except for the one used to unlock Malcolm ClanLord
    Beat the game on any difficulty setting Malcolm
    Beat the game on any difficulty setting except for the ones used to unlock Malcolm and ClanLord Xan

    Contributed by: Squeaky745 

  10. Hidden Voice Commands

    Speak the following using a mic to make the named bot perform the associated action:

    Effect Effect
    <Bot name> Suicide Named bot will commit suicide
    <Bot name> Dance Named bot will dance
    <Bot name> Jump Named bot will jump up and down
    <Bot name> Get out Named bot will leave the vehicle they are in
    <Bot name> Taunt Named bot will taunt opponents
    <bot name> gimme Specified bot will drop his weapon for you to collect.

    Contributed by: GTA Assassin X, Insaniac99, Infinik 

  11. Record a demo of your game

    Open up the console during gameplay, and enter the following code to record a demo of what you are playing. Enter the code following that to stop recording the demo. (The demo will also stop if the current game ends, or you quit playing the game) You can play this demo by clicking on the Community on the main menu, and going to the Demos tab. From there you can create an AVI of the demo, or watch it within the game.

    Effect Effect
    Demorec (name) Records a demo of your current game, the (name) is the name the demo will be saved under in the UT2004/Demos folder
    StopDemo Stops recording the demo

    Contributed by: Squeaky745 

  12. Summon Fighters

    Start up an instant action game. Try to do it in a very open map, such as OS-Dria or OS-Dawn. Open the console (~) and type Playersonly and hit enter. This freezes everyone in the game but you. This is necessary because the fighters will fly forward even when you aren't in them. Once you enter the codes below, get in (the vehicle will start moving, so be ready) and type Playersonly again to unfreeze everyone.

    Effect Effect
    summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle_spacefighter_human Summons a Human space fighter in front of you
    summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle_spacefighter_skaarj Summons a Skarrj space fighter in front of you

    Contributed by: Pegleg the Pirate 

  13. New Vehicle Codes

    Use these codes with the ~ console or with the Tab quick console. These codes WILL NOT WORK if you do not have the Editor's Choice/Mega Bonus Pack Vehicles (Vehicles listed here). You can download the Battle Pack from the Official UT site or Gamespot.

    Effect Effect
    summon OnslaughtBP.ONSDualAttackCraft summons the "Cicada" Bomber
    summon OnslaughtBP.ONSShockTank summons the "Paladin" Defensive Energy Tank
    summon OnslaughtBP.ONSArtillery summons the "SPMA" Artillery Unit

    Contributed by: Gamasan 

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