User Rating: 8.1 | Unreal II: The Awakening PC
This was a good game. Not a great game, but a very good one. It’s very hard to stand out in the glutted FPS market, and Unreal II fails to do that, but it delivers a good, solid game from start to finish, with the usual dark overtones I’ve come to expect from Unreal. I love the variety of weapons (again, pretty standard) and the levels are laid out well, providing challenge and excellent eye candy. The graphics and sound were very good, and I enjoyed the game play very much. There is an attempt at a storyline, and it’s not the worst one I’ve ever seen. Not as deep as any RPG, or that of the original Deus Ex, but it’s interesting at least. The attempt to produce a tear jerker at the end was a little blatant, but overlooking that, it kept my attention. And I can’t say the NPC’s of your ship’s crew are boring. While playing, I encountered no game stopping bugs. There were some issues with my frame rate going down in some very busy scenes, but that’s going to happen in almost any game with great graphics. It took a heckuva lot to cause any stuttering on my machine, so this really isn’t a gripe, just a comment that you might have problems if your machine is on the low end of the requirements. The ending was a bit anti-climactic, but I can’t say the game disappointed. This is a solid FPS, well worth the current price of the game.