Twisted Metal: Black. Just say it to yourself. Catchy isn't it? Well lucky it is not just the name that is catchy.

User Rating: 9 | Twisted Metal: Black PS2
Twisted Metal is a very strange series of video games. It is a game in which you play strange characters and drive them in cars and kill other strange characters.... The first two games I enjoyed greatly, but after that the series took a less interesting route and got stale. Well along comes TMB! TMB is a very dark, cruel, and *Cough Cough* twisted game. Each character has a dark past and every story ending is sad and gloomy. The story isn't fully interesting, it is about a guy who holds a contest and he grants wishes. What makes it entertaining is the creepy stories of the drivers you play as. Lets talk about game play now. Its dark, fast past and fun as hell. You will blast your way through many levels and many great car combat challenges. Each character has a unique feel to his/her vehicle and that helps the game even more. The graphics in the game are dark and fit the atmosphere well, however I must say some times the darkness even gets in the way and becomes a pain in the ass. The sound is top of the line, from every explosion to the stones singing paint it black , even the creepy music, it all fits perfectly and helps add the darkness to the atmosphere. I would recommend this game to anyone mature enough to handle its graphic content.