Why race? When you can blow up the competition!!

User Rating: 10 | Twisted Metal: Black PS2
Twisted Metal: Black. My first "FUN" game for the PS2. I will never forget those long afternoons with this game. if you are a twisted metal fan and you don't have this ... then you are NOT a twisted metal fan. even now, i play it once in a while, it's just no one else plays this too that's why i don't play anymore.

Gameplay - 10.0 - Sweet Tooth and the gang are back. New weapons! New Levels! New Stories! New Characters! New Specials! and most importantly ... NEW VEHICLES! the objective is still the same thought, attack the competetion with your arsenal of weaponry to become the last one standing and claim victory!

Graphics - 10.0 - top notch people. TOP NOTCH! Although most levels have a dark atmosphere and environment, u can tell these guys have put alot of time and detail into this game

Sound - 9.5 - From the missile fire and machine gun shootings to the cries of a fallen enemy, the sounds are music to your ears. Great level music too, unlike in the previous twisted metal games, Just a bunch of rob zombie (even though i like rob zombie).

Value - 9.5 - It misses the perfect 10 cuz i guess i don't have the multiplayer version of it, but it still a long lasting game thus earning it a 9.5 . You just want to beat the game with everyone to see what their reason for entering the tournament is.

OVERALL - 10/10 - get it, it's still a good game ...