User Rating: 10 | Twisted Metal: Black PS2
Twisted Metal Black is one of those Childhood memory games that is lodged in my brain forever, and of course when your a kid and you play games, you don't really understand what a "good" game is, you just play it for fun. Well, 10 years later, and I happen to find a working copy of this game and deiced to give this game a fair review and relive some memories, So here we go.
1.GRAPHICS- Wow, all I can say is Wow, 11 Years aged and this game looks amazing for an early PS2 title, The enviroment looks great, the Car models look superb, and the explosions and effects look nice, Alot of work was put into this game for graphics, that you can tell. But the game does suffer from its age, quite a series of bland textures such as cars and some parts of the enviroment, but you can't really blame the game seeing its 11 years old, Overall, Nice work on the graphics.
2.GAMEPLAY- Ok, When it comes to gameplay and controls, Twisted Metal is the head of perfection when it comes to this factor. The controls may take a good 10 minutes to get used to, only if your used to today's console controls, but once you get a hold of it, you'll be blasting your way through the other opponets. Speaking of opponets, the AI in Twisted Metal is really smart for a Car-Combat game, The AI will fight each other, go for the stronger powerups, run for life(but not to the point where the game is not fun)n when their about to explode, and go for a attack when your most vulernable.The gameplay has 5 modes, Single Player, where you get to chose one vechicle and progress through the Single Player's 10 missions, Fight, where you chose a map and a vechicle and battle against 8 random AI players, Challenge, where you must take out as many opponets as you can in one life, Split-screen multiplayer, where you can battle with against a player, with or without AI bots, and Split-Screen CO-OP,(be warned though, You do not unlock backstory of charcters this way) So the game has enough modes and great gameplay to keep you busy for some time.
3.STORY- The story (well, stories) of Twisted Metal are in my opinion, some of the best I have ever watched, the game has a varity of Charcters that you get to chose from, chosing one of them allows you to go throught the storymode and unlock a backstory of why there fighting in the Twisted Metal Compatation and what there wish is, and Im not going to Spoil any of the story from there, but What I can say is that almost all of the stories, besides a few weak ones, are hands down some of the darkest and grititest stories you will find in gaming, especially for a car combat game.
4.SOUNDTRACK- The soundtrack in this game definatly fits it, from thedark erie menu music and game theme, to the fight songs that you hear during gameplay, and even "The Rolling Stones-Paint it Black" The soundtrack in this game couldn't get any better. The sounds of the cars and weapon fire is also a plus, Every rocket lauched, every Ram from slamming into your opponet, and every time you destory an enemey car, the sounds are up to par with some of Micahel Bay's movies. Also the Voice Acting in this game is superb, every charcter in this game. Especailly Sweet Tooth, who will no lie give you nightmares just from his chilling voice.
5.OVERALL- Overall, even 11 years, to even 30 years down the road, Twisted Metal Black still holds up to being the best car combat games ever to be created. This sets and holds the bar on what a perfect Car Combat game is, and knock offs like Full Auto and Vigalante 8 (Good, but nowhere near this) may try to maybe succeed Twisted Metal, its just a fact, Twisted Metal Black defiantly is the best Car Combat game ever created, and in my opinion, the Game of the Year for 2001