Turok is back and raises the series back from the dead.

User Rating: 8 | Turok X360
I must get this off my chest......why do so many people dislike this game? Maybe they don't like a challenge? Maybe they hate the fact there's no aim assist?

Anyways,the game is a definate must play. The game brings a new intensity to the genre i haven't experienced in a long time. Gameplay is pretty straight forward.You're part of a group called whiskey and you always have 1 or more computer team mates with you. However,don't rely on them as they're boarding on useless.

Graphics are very well done and make excellent use of the Unreal 3 engine. Music fits the on-screen action perfectly. The cut scenes are the first in a long time that have near perfect lip syncing.

Now,if you are afraid of a challenge,steer clear of this game. Even on normal,this game will give you a challenge. The A.I. enemies range from brutal,to downright stupid. However,the human enemies do show smarts using cover and flanking. The dinos are fast and tough but you can use the knife on them for and instant kill.

Multi player is great,provided it finds a game. I had some points of waiting up to 10 mins to connect to a match and even then there is times of lag.

Overall,Turok exceeded my expectations and this is a great addition to anyones library.